Mikawa Oshima beach (mikawaoshimakaisuiyokujo)




There is Mikawa Oshima floating in Gulf of Mikawa by ship from the Takeshima shore to approximately 15 minutes. It is beach offering resort feeling as uninhabited island which can swim in the sea alone in Aichi.
Uninhabited island appearing to offshore 3km of Gamagori is Mikawa Oshima. The cover tropical mood is perfect score subtropical zone forest in all of the islands, too. The shore is full of changes including cliff and cave, and lancelets of natural monument inhabit the northeast of island.

During from July 1 to August 31, beach is established and can swim in uninhabited island while looking at Gamagori and Atsumi Peninsula. Liner navigates from Takeshima Wharf in sea bathing season. Beach is completely equipped with warm water showers at 50m in width, 200m in length.

※As pier is established from the beginning of March to the end of September, the landing in boats is possible. (as for the ferryboat only as for the summer)


The location
Sandanimachi, Gamagori-shi
It is a 13-minute walk from JR Tokaido Main Line, Meitetsu Gamagori Line Gamagori Station
Uninhabited island which there is by ship from the Takeshima shore to approximately 15 minutes, [travel] 1100 yen for adults dwarf 550 (roundtrip)
Parking lot
There is free of charge
Higashihama beachline 400m, sandy beach 35m in width, west beach beachline 350m, sandy beach 20m in width
Miya Onsen tourist association, Mikawa Oshima sea bathing

Inquiry window

[Miya Onsen tourist association]
TEL (0533) 68-4744
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